Speaking Up – Sustainability and ethical working practices

Close up of tigers face and eye

Over the last few months, it has been great to read an ever-growing stream of articles and reports written by eminent experts and senior staff at global brands, agencies and manufacturers around the subject of sustainability and ethical working practices. 

Covid has focussed the minds of many C-suiters to look to ways to show how lovely their companies, supply chains and working practices really are. All to foster a positive aura for consumers, staff, clients and all stakeholders. 

It is now common to see bold statements from these businesses – “it is our duty to drive sustainable change wherever we can” or “we are all global citizens” – often accompanied with images of vibrant forests, happy children and blue skies. 

Zappy graphics next to impressive figures of tonnes of carbon offset or trees not cut down are also often used to prove just how powerful their policies really are. 

This is a brilliant movement and must be the way forward, the many successes and positive initiatives that are now being undertaken by so many must be shared and encouraged. 

For Louis Kennedy the three founding values we established when we started in 1991 are still the same today, namely: 

1. Reduce our environmental impact – reducing waste, energy and carbon emissions 

2. Promote sustainability – we are committed to only using recycled materials and making recyclable products 

3. Be an ethical partner – only associate with highly audited manufacturers who promote the highest standards of fairness and safety 

These values quietly drive us on and on, so much so we are currently building a UK based supply chain that only uses recycled raw materials to produce recyclable items. 

We have not been so vocal in assessing our contribution in the past but we are going to join the trend and speak out about our successes going forward.