Living Streets WOW logo

WOW is Living Streets’ year-round Walk to School challenge reaching more than 600,000 children in 2,200 schools across the UK. Pupils record how they get to school each day on an interactive WOW Travel Tracker and those who walk (skate, scoot or cycle) at least once per week for a month are rewarded with a themed badge.

Each year, the 11 WOW collectable badges follow a new theme, all of which are designed by pupils in an annual badge design competition. We make 5 million WOW badges every year, here in The UK, from sustainable materials and sources. Happy, healthy children walking on a happy, healthy planet.

We were also appointed to evaluate the potential for the campaign’s hero character “Strider” to move beyond the school gates and into the high street. A research study was devised and implemented, including consultations with schools, teachers and Living Streets staff along with a wide ranging competitive review.

School children with the WOW mascot
WOW badge on child

“Living Streets has worked with Louis Kennedy for almost 10 years, providing sustainable WOW reward badges for primary school pupils, and the badges ticked all of our boxes. They are made in the UK meaning minimal carbon footprint, from recycled material which was destined for landfill, and they can be recycled again for alternative products, helping to reduce waste. The team are brilliant to work with, and have played a huge part in the successes we have seen across the country in helping children stay fit and healthy.” 

Kevin Croasdale, Head of Living Streets Services