Elmer Kidscape Sockshop logos

Publishers Anderson Press, were seeking a charity partner for the 30th Anniversary celebrations of Elmer’s first book.

Louis Kennedy analysed the brand positioning and messaging focus of the Elmer stories to determine the charity partner with the “best fit”. Anti-bullying charity Kidscape was identified, given that the charity already “owns” the annual Friendship Friday campaign and participates in “Odd Sock Day” a fundraising campaign held across education settings.

Elmer Socks advert
Elmer child with socks

“Elmer embodies the ideals of friendship and inclusivity, and for us to celebrate that with Kidscape on Friendship Friday has been fantastic, and to be able to further that partnership by bringing in SockShop we hope to spread the anti-bullying message further, and raise funds for the valuable work Kidscape does.”

Paul Black, PR and Brand Director, Andersen Press

Sockshop website

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant was inaugurated as Kidscape Friendship Friday Ambassador. A suite of Elmer branded activity materials for nurseries, schools, libraries and families was created and a social media campaign devised. Louis Kennedy brought Sock Shop on board as a retail partner to license and sell exclusive “Friendship Friday” socks to raise funds for the charity.