Official confirmation that Louis Kennedy is ahead of it’s time!

someone sitting in the middle of a large clock working a computer

 At the end of last year, we at Louis Kennedy were really interested to see the conclusions of two commercial organisations we highly respect, Forbes and IBM. 

An IBM survey had found that 40% of consumers were purpose-driven in their purchases, whilst Forbes mused whether 2020 “was the year that purpose went mainstream.” 

“Hang on!” we thought, Louis Kennedy has been advising about and building partnerships with purpose for over 30 years, yet only in 2020 is purpose driving purchase and becoming “mainstream”? 

Over these 30 years we have carried out projects for some of the UK’s most innovative commercial companies and respected charities. 

Our in-house knowledge and expertise has seen us give objective advice, deliver value through insight and develop creative ideas against a myriad of needs. 

Purpose has been at the core of the many solutions, rapid concepting and transformations we have advanced and have then become reality. 

We are proud that we have created some of the most original ways for charities to grow their income as well as designing innovative ways for commercial companies to deliver real social impact. 

Many of which have become some of the most famous long-term partnerships, campaigns and relationships between commerce and charities, as strong today as they were on the first day of inception. 

We are so happy to hear that Forbes and IBM now also agree that our work is so important to so many and we are now “mainstream”.