Building Partnerships with Sustainable Purpose for 30 years Becomes a member of Products of Change

 When Louis Kennedy was founded in 1991 three core commitments were established, which are still the same and even more relevant today, namely: 

1. Reduce our environmental impact – strive to reduce waste, energy and carbon emissions 

2. Promote sustainability – only use recycled materials and make recyclable products 

3. Be an ethical partner – only associate with highly audited manufacturers who promote the highest standards of fairness and safety.

These values quietly drive the business on and on, so much so Louis Kennedy is currently building a UK based supply chain that only uses recycled raw materials to produce recyclable items. 

The hugely successful, long standing relationship Louis Kennedy enjoys with Living Streets, the UK charity championing everyday walking, is a great example of these values in action.

 “Living Streets has worked with Louis Kennedy for almost 10 years, providing sustainable WOW reward badges for primary school pupils, and the badges ticked all of our boxes. They are made in the UK meaning minimal carbon footprint, from recycled material which was destined for landfill, and they can be recycled again for alternative products, helping to reduce waste. The team are brilliant to work with, and have played a huge part in the successes we have seen across the country in helping children stay fit and healthy”

Kevin Croasdale, Head of Living Streets Services

Grant Morgan CEO Louis Kennedy said, “We have not been so vocal in assessing our contribution in the past but we are going to join the trend and speak out about our successes going forward. Becoming a member of Products of Change is an important step in this strategy”

In recent months there has been an ever growing stream of articles and reports written by 

eminent experts and senior staff at global brands, agencies and manufacturers around the 

subject of sustainability and ethical working practices. It is now common to see bold statements from these businesses – “it is our duty to drive sustainable change wherever we can” or “we are all global citizens” – often accompanied with images of vibrant forests, happy children and blue skies. Zappy graphics next to impressive figures of tonnes of carbon offset or trees not cut down are also often used to prove just how powerful their policies really are. This is a brilliant 

movement and must be the way forward, the many successes and positive initiatives that are 

now being undertaken by so many must be shared and encouraged. 

Louis Kennedy has followed the development of Products of Change and recognised its exciting potential to help drive and support this initiative. As a membership organisation, Products of Change is designed to support, encourage and perpetuate companies and brands in meeting their sustainability goals through educating to inform change and peer-to-peer networking. 

The ability to connect with other members, which share the same ethos, irrespective of the size of the organisation, the opportunity to share best practice, learn from experts and develop 

partnerships are among the major benefits of membership. 

“Louis Kennedy have been connecting the brand and licensing industry to charities and NGOs for decades; bringing brands with purpose to the forefront of their ethos and driving real social impact. It’s an honour to have Louis Kennedy be part of ‘Products of Change’ and I look forward to what we can achieve together as a group”. Helena Mansell-Stopher – Founder Products of Change

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